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#introductionthursdays | Get to know... Frea

Frea Coun - Clinical Trial Assistant

Frea holds a professional Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical and Biological Techniques. Since 2004, she gained experience as a lab technician at several research labs from the KULeuven. It included working on Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes Type 1.

Furthermore she joined a pathology lab, where she was responsible for handling and processing human tissue samples from several hospitals. Halfway through her career she got the chance to set up the screening unit for healthy subjects in Phase 1 clinical trials at SGS Antwerp.

In September 2018, Frea wanted to explore new horizons and said goodbye to the lab to join Archer Research. At Archer Research, she provides adequate document and office management, and supports all trial-related day to day activities as a Clinical Trial Assistant. Frea is the indispensable point of contact for the Archer Research’ Clinical Research Professionals and it’s external partners.

Her life philosophies are: “I do all my own stunts, but never intentionally” and “Always take the scenic route”

Her guilty pleasure is spending way too much money on sportswear and eating an entire box of Toffifees (without sharing!).


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