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Ask Archer | Tips towards clinical data that meet all regulatory requirements

Nowadays, conducting clinical studies with medical devices has become more and more complex due to both international requirements, like the MDR and ISO standards, and national requirements.

In our Ask Archer interviews, we put our own experts in front of the camera and asked them for their tips and tricks for a stress-free journey towards clinical data that meet all regulatory requirements.

"How do you stay within the timelines and budget of your clinical study? Why do you need to monitor clinical data? How to make sure you are ready for an inspection of your study?"

Keep an eye on this page or follow our LinkedIn account, as our experts are more than happy to share their perspective on these and many other questions the coming months.



How do you select the right investigators for your clinical study?

In order to minimize the risk and ensure a good collaboration from the get-go, we follow our well-established procedure to verify site and investigator feasibility. Mieke, on board at Archer for more than 7 years, explains.

How to keep a financial oversight during a clinical study?

"At all times sponsors are kept in het loop on the study progress, also budget wise, no surprises". At Archer we value a personal aproach with short lines of communication. Our Clinical Trial Assistant Frea is happy to share with you her tips and tricks for you to keep a financial oversight during your clinical study progress. Contact her via

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