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Archer Research proudly initiated a multicenter Belgian trial on ventral hernia repair

Archer Research is proud to be involved in the set-up and coordination of the UNITE study, in collaboration with UZ Gent and the Royal Belgian Society for Surgery (RBSS).

This study aims to obtain evidence-based results from patients with incisional ventral hernias undergoing open, laparoscopic or robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery. The incidence of incisional ventral hernias has increased as abdominal surgery has become more prevalent, making it one of the most common surgical complications after laparotomy. To date, many aspects of the aforementioned treatment methods are still under debate and poorly studied.

  • Study design: investigator-initiated, academic, prospective, interventional, multicentric

  • Indication: incisional ventral hernias

  • Enrollment: 300 patients

  • Surgical approaches: Open: 100 patients Laparoscopic: 100 patients Robot-assisted: 100 patients

We are looking forward to the results!


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