Managing projects from A to Z

Connections with key opinion leaders (KOL) and scientific societies and close collaboration with universities

Archer Research knows its successes through close contacts with key opinion leaders and renowned investigators. We value good and regular contact with investigators and site staff, sponsor and project team members to guarantee continuous progress of our projects. Our personal approach leads to close collaborations on multiple projects. We collaborate with scientific societies and universities as well, which provides a broad spectrum of opportunities and experience on an extensive range of projects.

Broad experience in post-market clinical follow-up planning and coordination of:

  • Observational studies – Registries

Observational studies are an important category of study designs. To address certain investigative questions, randomized controlled trials are not always indicated or ethical to conduct. Instead, observational or non-interventional studies can be the best method.
Observational studies also lead the way in research as associations from these studies help to formulate hypotheses to be tested in subsequent controlled experiments.
Observational studies can also be set up retrospectively to collect data to determine safety and performance in real life.

  • Interventional – Randomized-controlled trials

Interventional studies are used to prospectively evaluate study questions related to the safety and performance of a medical device compared to a control or conventional therapy, with limited selection bias.
There are multiple interventional study designs, the  most common and strongest interventional study design is a randomized-controlled trial. Each study design has its strengths and limitations which will be addressed by Archer Research in the design phase of the study. Furthermore, the electronic data capture system provided by Archer Research offers a customized Case Report Form as well as an online tool for patient randomization.