Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

A web-based EDC system provides near real-time access to data in a clinical trial. This insight enables faster decision making and can support adaptive trial designs. Our EDC system is designed to guarantee high quality data. Trial-specific rules and edit checks are implemented in order to deliver study data that are complete and accurate. It assures that data meets certain required formats and ranges and eliminates transcription errors prior to being accepted in the trial database.

Additionally, the EDC system faculties the process of clarifying data discrepancies by identifying and resolving data issues with sites, which reduces the number of on-site visits required during a trial. This improves efficiency of both data entry and data monitoring.
It is also feasible and increasingly beneficial to implement a randomization tool in the EDC system. This allows subject randomization directly in the database.
Datasets can be extracted from the database in multiple formats in order to obtain the desired trial information and perform statistical analyses.